Thursday, April 10, 2008


Earring success!

I listed 2 more pairs of earrings in my shop and I'm in love with them. I really mean it. If I could, I would totally keep every pair.

These are what I called my 'Vanilla Dangle Earrings'. Why vanilla? I don't know. The color of the beads just look like vanilla to me. Maybe it's just me, but the color is totally soothing. :D

Go to my shop and check out my new earrings and let me know what you think!

OK, anyhow...

Now, check THIS out! I got so excited when my cousin sent me this fabric...Oh, I should say the link to this fabric. I haven't bought it but I WILL. Because I LOVE IT SO!!!! If you love it like I do, you can buy the fabric from my super adorable cousins in Cali and support an Etsy seller! This fabric comes in 2 other colors and I'm dying for them all!

Today is my 9th wedding anniversary! YAY! The hubs and I have gone through a lot of really rough things, especially when we were first starting out. One of which was his mother's passing. We've endured a lot and came out stronger for it. Yes, I'm totally sappy about my anniversary. It can't be helped because I love the guy. He's pretty amazing. So, happy anniversary to me and the Dawg. :D

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Tiffany said...

Girl, you need to pass along some of your creativity. I'm in need over here.