Monday, July 26, 2010

Little faces, smiling eyes, fuzzy hair...

Right now, I'm holding my 1 year old, giant baby boy while he takes a nap.  He wakes up every time I try to put him down so he'll just have to get used to sleeping through my typing.  Today he called me 'mama' for the first time and my heart skipped a few beats and pride came beaming from my face.  He called me out of desperation while I was eating my lunch and he wanted out of the play yard.  Arms outstretched, he yelled 'MA-MAAAAAA' to me.  I got him out, don't worry.  I cherish these moments.  I have 2 older babies (8 and 6) and the bulk of their 'firsts' are over except for when E loses her first tooth.  The rest of the 'firsts' are the firsts that no mom really wants to think about.  First period, first bra, first pimple, first broken heart...  I can wait on those.  I would put those on hold indefinitely if I could.  But I have a sweet little boy who realized that he could say my name today and I would respond.  I'll *always* respond. 

Sleeping baby boy...under a girlie butterfly blankie.  Oh well.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A little news...

No, I'm not pregnant again.  lol  After thinking about how much I love knitting and how much I really want to make a little money to ease things for this coming Christmas, I plan on opening my Etsy shop again!  I'm actually really excited about it!  It's been such a long time but I think I'm ready.  I may be changing directions with it but hopefully I'll keep all of my hearts on my shop and appeal to some new people.  I've been a little down about how Etsy seems to be full of professional Etsy sellers anymore but I guess if they fall under the category, then what can you do.  They've stopped featuring smaller shops and plaster the front page with things you'd find in Sears.  Well, if you could buy handmade things at Sears.  lol  I'm not bitter. 

Anyway, I don't know when I'm going to open it back up but keep an eye out for me.  I need to build up my yarn stash (hahahahhahahaha, sorry, Hubs!) and practice just a little more.  lol  I may be a newbie knitter but I will not sell junk.  :D

So,  I am waiting on a couple of knitting needles in the mail before I can finish my latest set of woolies for the baby.  I'm doing my winter knitting.  I'm kind of really super thrilled that I can say that.  I've seen a lot of other woolie knitters say they were doing their winter knitting and I was always jealous.  HA! 

These are going to be wool longies made with this pattern and 100 Pure Wool in 'forest of pines'.  I'm not sure if they still have this colorway but it's darn pretty if you ask me!

The butt

So that's what I have so far.  I'm trying very hard to get the gusset right but I'm having a little trouble with these to be honest.  I'll get it, though.  Don't worry.  :D