Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Goofy Tooth is gone...

So, to be honest about The Goofy Tooth.... To tell the REAL story.... Well, it starts with my sister...

I have to start out by saying that I simply ADORE my sister. She's my hero, my best friend. She's beautiful and independent, smart, funny, clever, adorable, etc... I seriously love the lady!

Well, she had this one wonky tooth on the bottom that grew behind the row of teeth. It kind of just hung out in the back like the rebel it was. She always called it her 'goofy tooth' and it was always so funny to us! It was 'The Goofy Tooth'. So, when I started making my tooth fairy pillows, I joked and told her that I was going to name them after her tooth and open a shop and name it The Goofy Tooth and everything about it would be goofy! So, that's exactly what I did!

The only problem is that I don't like running 2 shops on Etsy. So, I moved my goofy teeth to my Magoo shop again.

And to finish this lovely story, it should be known that today, my sister had The Goofy Tooth pulled. She says she has a lisp now and that it's really really weird. I feel kinda sad for that goofy tooth and I feel bad that my sister will likely be in pain because of it. But as she said, if it hadn't been such a rogue tooth, she wouldn't have had to get mean with it! HA!

My sister is awesome!

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