Friday, April 4, 2008

A few reviews!!!

Have I mentioned my love affair with Gudonyatoo yet? I'm obsessed with that shop and I love everything I see! The shampoo and conditioner? Amazing! I'm really impressed with them both!

I got a box of wonderment yesterday that almost made me to back-flips and hand-springs. Almost... I should lay off the ice cream... ANYWAY.

First up, the fantabulousness of Gudonyatoo's deodorant!

So, here's the deal.... I can over-power every commercial deodorant on the planet! The 'Clinical' deos? Yeah, not so much with the working... Give me about an hour and my body chemistry has figured it out and unlocked the key to stink. Knowing this, I thought, 'OK, Mandy. What would you rather have? Breast cancer from the crap in commercial deodorants or just stinky pits from something natural?' I decided it would be better to just maybe stink. Whatever happened with my deodorant situation, whether I stunk or not, it was worth a try. I ordered.... I used it. You know what happened? I went from morning shower to late-night bed-time with VERY NICE smelling pits! I gave it a few more days to see if maybe my body would figure it out but it never did! I LOVE THIS DEODORANT. Why on EARTH would anyone buy commercialized crap that just DOES NOT WORK. This is a deodorant ONLY, not an antiperspirant but I had no excess sweat issues. In fact, I think the lack of antiperspirant has really helped to regulate my body temperature! I'm usually so hot that I keep my house too cold for normal people! I think maybe by letting my pits breathe a little, it's really really helped! I can't tell you how much I love this stuff. My sister uses it now and she feels the same way. We get together and talk about how nice our armpits smell and go on and on about never buying commercial stuff ever again. We're a little weird.

This..... This is the most amazing experience ever! This is Gudonya Sweet Lips TRIPLE SUGAR Lip Scrubby--Cha Cha Chai Tea Flavor--vegan--2 Oz. Jar! This is one sweet deal for your lips! Simply pinch a little out of the pot, scrub it around on your mouth and then rinse off! Or, if you're my sister, eat it! It's amazing! I tried a lip scrub from Mary Kay once. I thought it was weird and it tasted bad and the lady kept saying, 'DO NOT GET IT IN YOUR MOUTH'. OK, then don't make a product that goes ON your mouth if it's dangerous! I was a little skeptical with this scrub but my sister, my Mom and I all agree! THIS STUFF IS AWESOME! It gave me the smoothest lips and you don't even have to apply lip balm when you're done! It's SUPER moisturizing! And this comes in a 2 ounce jar! Considering how little you need to go to scrubby town, that's REALLY REALLY generous! I just love it. Did I say that already? cause I do!

This is Gudonya's Whipped Clean in Wild Blackberry! I ADORE the way this smells! And the lather is serious! I have one of those shower poofs or whatever they're called... I only need to swoosh it around in the jar once for an entire shower! It's seriously an awesome experience!!!! I've also tried the Strawberry version and it's just as delightful! I used to really love Bath and Body Works shower gels and what-not. Now I just go there to buy the room scents! I have no desire to buy anything else there and that's saying a lot for me because I was an addict!

I've tried a LOT of lip balms and glosses and goo... Honestly? Gudonya just has this in the bag! You would think that a lip balm is a lip balm no matter where it comes from. It's all kinda Chap Stick-y, right? Nope.

This is Gudonya Lip Smoothies!!! I'm SO excited about it, too! It goes on so smoothly! It doesn't tug on your lip and there aren't any weird crystals in it like there are in some other balms I've tried! It's just totally smooth, not at ALL sticky and super duper nourishing to your lips! Even though you don't HAVE to use a lip balm after using the lip scrub, it's still really nice to use a Lip Smoothie to add a little shine to your young-again lips! I adore it and there's nothing like it!

So, there you have it! I'm in love with everything at Gudonyatoo! If anyone ever wants to gift me, I'd take anything from this shop! HA!


BackwoodSophisticate said...

Mandy, how funny, I just blogged about the shampoo and I have conditioner and deoderant on the way to me right now. The deoderant is for my daughter but I may have to get some for myself. I am wondering if the junk I buy at the store is totally throwing the natural way my body should work off.
Great post on Gudonyatoo!!

The Mommy said...

I would definitely agree that it's throwing off how a body's supposed to work! I love the deodorant SO MUCH! I think I love it so much that it's become weird now. LOL I seriously tell people about in strangers that I don't know. HAHA

Anyway, it really is awesome stuff!!!

Oh and the conditioner is sooooo nice and it washes out really well too and doesn't leave all that nasty junk that commercial conditioners leave behind! LOVE IT!

Harmony said...

I'm ready to go shopping!! Thanks for the reviews! :)

Nikki said...

I am seriously going to have to purchase some of this stuff!