Wednesday, April 9, 2008


You know, I've admired these I Spy toys for a really long time. I think they're just genius and I know my kids would love them! It's just sheer brilliance, really! I love how the items are printed onto the fabric and I could really see my kids in the back seat sitting together (yes, in their car seats) searching for the charms. And look at the stitching! It's PERFECT! Considering what goes into this item, and all of the goodies on the inside to find, $20 is a STEAL! I also love her car seat covers, her bibs...just everything! Go look at her shop and look at her items. This woman is obviously VERY talented! I'm really impressed and sad that I don't have any babies to buy this stuff for! One day, an I Spy toy will be mine! I mean my kid's! Not me. Cause *I* don't need it! HAHA Kidding. You know I'll totally play with it.


Harmony said...

Too cute!! I'm definitely considering that I Spy blanket, unless of course you pick it up first! ;)

Erin said...

How cool!