Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And now for something new!!!

So, I was down in the dumps and guess what! A sweet Etsy-seller-friend of mine suggested I make something new. A loop on The Goofy Tooth so you can hang it on a door! HuH? Wha??? That's SUCH a good idea!!! I've already sold one and have another up in my shop and now that alllll of my kids birthdays and t-ball are over, I can get back to sewing and Etsy-ing! I'll soon have The Goofy Tooth up in so many new fabrics that your head will spin, possibly roll! We'll see about the head thing. Anyway, come check out the new item and see what you think! I'm SO excited about it!!!

In other news, I'm still not dead. Life just went absolutely bonkers! At the end of May is my sister's birthday, June 2nd, my youngest daughter's birthday, June 14th is my nephew's, June 21st, my cousin's and June 26th is my oldest's birthday! Sprinkle t-ball practice 2x/week and t-ball games PLUS homeschool! Man, I just didn't have any time to write anything! I'm back in the zone though so I'll be here more! :D