Monday, January 21, 2008

So, it's been a while!

How were your holidays??? Mine? CRAZY. Drama-filled. Fun. Wonderful...etc...

I've been spending a lot of money on Etsy lately. I just wanted to give a few really good reviews. :D

My last purchase...

I bought this hat from my very good friend and fellow RP lady, Jennie. Isn't it cute??? I got it for my nephew and he adored it! He's 6 and he ran around with his shaggy little boy hair, Heely's, a Nerf revolver gun dealy and his sweet little panda hat! LOL He's such a tough guy but he melts for those pandas, man.

Next up:

This is some serious face-wash! It doesn't lather at all but it's serious... I was a little worried about it at first because it has shea butter in it and when you're rinsing it off, well... It's rather odd feeling. I didn't trust that my face was clean because 1. No foam, 2. No over-powering scent that screams STOP SCRUBBING, I'M CLEAN!!! So I ended up using regular bar soap to do a once-over on my face AFTER I used this stuff. Then I decided to stop doing that to see what happened... What happened was my face was PERFECTLY moisturized and clean as a whistle! I have VERY oily skin but I'm used to using really harsh stuff to try to get it de-oiled leaving my skin partial to over-drying and cracking and all of that good stuff. My skin these days? Lookin' gooooood! I'm very happy I tried this stuff! It takes a little leap of faith to trust more natural products when you've relied on chemicals for so long.


Oh if I didn't think it was weird, I would TOTALLY take a picture of the bottom of my feet to show you! I SOOOOO love this stuff! I got the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent. It smells a liiiiittle bit like some deodorant I had but since I use it primarily on my feet, who can really notice, right? It melts into your skin pretty much on contact. My feet are usually pretty crazy rough. Cracked heels, huge calluses that are pretty stubborn... Not cool. The first time I used this stuff, I slathered it on, put on my aloe socks and went to bed. I woke up to...dare I say it? BEAUTIFUL feet! They were lovely! I'm ready for sandals in January! I'm almost out of it so I'm going to try cinnamon next! WOOHOOO!


Don't knock it, 'till ya try it!

I have pretty serious mouth issues. I'm allergic to commercial toothpastes, even Tom's of Maine. We went fluoride free a long time ago cause... What can I say? I'm a hippie, I guess!

My sister actually sent these to me and I HAD to try them! To be honest, I've tried brushing with soap before, but it was Irish Spring. I stuck with it longer than a normal person would and I loved how clean my teeth was! The Irish Spring taste first thing in the morning though... *shudder* Soooo, anyway... I love tooth chips! They're something that I can actually stick with long-term AND the owner of the store is WONDERFUL to work with and I love seeing pictures of their new baby goats! They also have a website outside of Etsy. I loved celebrating the new goats and I was so sad to hear about poor Patches:

And while we're talking about this shop, I have to tell you about my Mom's experience with their regular soaps (and yes, my whole family has become tooth chip users and we all swear we'll never go back). She ordered some regular soap from them and let me sniff. I was in heaven with their chocolate-minty soap. Oh it smelled like Junior Mints and my Mom says that it's such nice soap to wash with! Very foamy and very kind to your skin! :D So, yay! More good news for ROSA!


This ring was a PIF purchase. PIF= Pay It Forward. I loved this ring and although I feel bad that I only paid $2.20 for it (and that's including shipping), I'm happy to put something in MY shop as a PIF for only 20 cents, plus shipping! I have another ring from Lucie that I adore, however it's a Christmas ring. These rings LOOK like they might be hard to wear or thing and prone to bending. I assure you. These rings are SERIOUSLY strong! The wire hasn't bent on me and I've done dishes, mopped, wiped kid's butts, etc... My rings look perfectly new! Everyone who sees this ring just tries to steal it from me! Good thing I know Kung-Fu! LOL

Ok, that should do it for me for now! I have a LOT more to share but I'll spare you for right now. :D