Monday, February 25, 2008


  1. I'm on vacation
  2. kids are sick
  3. house is messy
  4. *I'M* sick now
  5. youngest won't stop playing drums!
  6. have to get the car fixed and new tires put on!

I am not having fun!!! I started having major swelling in my sinuses last night. Not really like a stuffy nose but weird swelling! It's starting to travel into my throat and I'm SO not cool with this!!! Hubs is on vacation and we had plans! PLANS, I TELL YOU! We were going to hit the zoo and do a little driving and have fun! FUN, I SAY! But now??? NOW??? Poop.

I just want to go get snuggly in my bed with my super-sized sinus-soothing face mask on (which I'll have in my shop at a later date. I LOVE IT).

Poopies. Poop, poop, poopies!


Harmony said...


Hope everyone is feeling better soon and you can get some enjoyment out of all the vacation time!

Jenn said...

Sorry Girly. Hope everyone mends quickly so you can do something fun.

Tiffany said...

How are you now?? Did you have fun?