Friday, February 22, 2008

So, ya know that shampoo???

Go order it NOW. Seriously! GO! It's amazing! There's something truly purifying about rubbing a gritty pile of Tahitian Vanilla Salty Dawg Creme Shampoo in your hair! The grit is sea salt and it dissolves, of course, but that initial gritty scrubbing action is AWESOME! My hair was so clean. I mean, this reminds me of when I first tried the tooth chips and it was the first time I was feeling real, true clean! This is how REAL clean hair feels! This is how hair reacts to kindness! It recoils in horror to the chemicals and harsh detergents that are in commercial shampoos! Did you know that the same detergent that goes into shampoo is also the detergent they put in laundry detergent? Would you wash your hair with Tide? Yeah, me either! I lathered up my hair twice just to experience that initial gritty application again. There is NO weird feeling to you hair once you rinse it out either! It's perfectly normal feeling!

I must confess something though... Tina, from GudonyaToo included a VERY generous sample of conditioner she's obviously been working on. There's so much I want to say about it! First, it's the first conditioner in the history of conditioners that didn't make my hair oily all day. It rinsed clean away and I was left with such beautiful, shiny hair! I'm in LOOOOVE! I told my Mom about it and I said, "Mom, it looks like I did my hair today, but I didn't!" Seriously, it had volume and shine which is something that literally NEVER happens to my hair. EVER. I spent my youth buying ridiculous salon shampoos and conditioners trying to find that magic combo that would help my hair! I gave up long ago but now I think I finally found it!

Of course, I then put my ridiculously long hair in a rubber band and ruined all volume that I had going. I need a haircut in a very bad way so I don't have to rely on rubber bands as much.

By the way, I adore the Tahitian Vanilla scent so much that I ordered some of Tina's deodorant in the same scent so my pits can match my hair! Don't you hate it when you love your shampoo scent AND your deodorant scent but when mixed, it smells like something rotting in the kitchen? Just me?

Other than my glowing shampoo report, I ate at Red Lobster today. It was vile and greasy and my tummy hurts wicked bad. Yeah, I said wicked bad. What of it?


BackwoodSophisticate said...

I just got some Salty Dawg shampoo too and am loving it!! I totally am going to buy some conditioner soon too!!

BackwoodSophisticate said...

Oh, and I also have tooth chips but haven't tried them yet. I need to.