Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Paging Dr. Crazy!

Today I'm going to go out with my Mom to the place she had her eyes checked and glasses and all that... I will start by saying that my mother is a SAINT. She's an adorable woman with the best sense of humor I've ever met on a person. She laughs constantly. She's one of those people who just emits joy and happiness! Why this crazy eye doctor chose HER to unload his disgusting brain on is beyond me. He must be one of those who likes to crush happy people. He dropped the F-bomb several times during her exam and blamed all the problems of the world on 'those crazy conservative Christians'. Now, whatever your views on Christianity or politics may be, you have no right to drop your opinions on your customers just because you currently hold their money hostage and they're not likely to sock you in the jaw and run away... That was one thing... The next horrible-horridness is that the man screwed up her prescription so bad that she had to move her glasses AWAY from her face to read anything! Huh? Wha??? You mean, that's not how glasses work? WHO KNEW? My Mom may not have the best vision, but it ain't THAT hard to make the whole 'seeing' thing work out...

We're going today to get her money back. I say 'we' because I'll be tagging along. I probably won't do anything but keep my kids under control while she goes and talks to them, but I'm there for moral support and to be a witness that this guy is a lunatic. He's been fired, thank God, so she knows she won't have to see him again. Pray that they cough up the money.

In other news...

Oh how I love thee, Art Garfunkel cats!


This cat... Dear God, this cat! CRACKS ME UP!!! This is the face of 'burfle'. It's a word I made up for people/animals/whatever, that just has an adorably dumb face. Like they look like they're a little dingaling-ish but really really really cute. I love this guy! I must have this guy!

Once again, people, you amaze me!

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