Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Hubs

My dear, sweet and super thoughtful hubby went to the store to get me some thread for a project I'm sewing. What a nice guy! When he got home, he unfurled a brand new pair of owl socks for me! These are not just any socks!!! These are socks with little toe dealies like GLOVES. What you must know about me to understand his thinking, is that I am the most hot-natured person I know. Yes.... It's 35 degrees right now and I'm wearing flip-flops. It rained the past 2 days and I went out in flip-flops! I do most everything in flip-flops. In fact, it's been so long since I wore real shoes that my super floppy (but not flippy) pair of tennis shoes gave me blisters!!! I've had them for FIVE YEARS! That's how much I don't wear the real thing... So, these socks are brilliant! I refuse to wear shoes because my feet get hot so these new toe thingies are just thick enough to keep me from getting frost bite! YES! I *love* not getting frost bite!!! So, yay, everyone! I can look forward to a frost bite free winter!!!!!!!!!! Want me to say 'frost bite' again??? What? No? Fine...

Now I need to find someone on Etsy who makes them so I won't have to give more money to stupid Wal Mart... :(

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