Monday, November 26, 2007

G-g-g-golly, Holly!

It started as such... I was promoting my little items on Etsy's forum when I happened upon a lady who had an avatar of a woman that looked like a little pixie with a child-like grin on her face. So cute!!! I assume that's Holly but even if it's not, I will forever think that it is. Anyway, I clicked on the link of what she was promoting. Dear God. The panda! The adorable panda! I called my Mom and sent her the link on messenger and we both agreed that my sister HAD to have those earrings! Mom bought them and the world was happy and right. Next thing I know, I'm browsing the rest of Holly's shop and then I see them... The happy sheep, the waddling penguins! All so cute! I decided though, that in honor of the owl that lived in the hole in a tree in my front yard, I had to have the owls. HAD TO HAVE THEM, I tell you! I showed the hubs. 'AWESOME', he said. I showed my kids, 'AWWWWWWWWWWWWW' is all I heard! A few short days later and there they were. They're adorable but when I wear them, they don't feel 'cute'. They feel elegant and lovely. I adore them and I just heart Holly and her shop and her little pixie-faced avatar! She's a class act!


Jenn ;o) said...

Thank you Mandy!!!! You solved a huge gift dilema for me!!! You seriously rock my socks, Sister!!!

mellowbeing said...

Aw, those adorable! I love randomness on the forums :)