Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From now on, my name shall be Knitter!

I'm really doing it!!!  I started a soaker and although I ran out of wool, I'm still almost finished!!!

 I didn't even know that this pattern created this pretty little border!  I'm SO happy with it!

It's definitely not perfect, though.  Look at this mess.

Um.  Oops.  I don't know what I did to create that huge hole but there it is.  It's right in the front of the soaker and makes me sad to see it.  I think it'll be easy enough to fix though. 

Besides this project that I've had to put down so I can order more wool, I started a new one last night.  It's just a hat but I'm doing a good job with it, too and that's such a big deal to me!  I can't believe that after all this time, knitting is FINALLY clicking!  FINALLY!


Louise said...

It's really admirable that you're adamant that you won't sell junk. I love etsy, but do end up having to trawl through a lot of very amateur stuff to find anything good. If only everyone took pride. Best of luck with it!

The Mommy said...

Oh I've bought junk on Etsy before, too. For example, I just bought some stitch markers that were adorable and I was thrilled when I got them in the mail but they didn't make it through one round of knitting before the little pearl dropped off. I was so annoyed. That happened to 2 of them and I have 8 left that I haven't even bothered to use because it seems like they'll all fall off. Meh. Anyway, thank you for the well-wishes!!! It's much appreciated!