Saturday, May 15, 2010

For my next trick...

ALDI just recently came to Texas and although sticking a quarter in the cart and buying your own bags is somewhat...weird...I really love this store!  The closest one to me is really nice and clean and man, those checkers are FAAAAST.  For Texans, this is a totally new way of shopping and it's apparently hard to adjust.  My husband went in while I sat in the car one day (I had a cold and was doing my duty by keeping away from the general public) and I watched about 5 women get downright flustered at the lady attending the carts when I could see her explaining that you put a quarter in the cart to unlock it.  Oh, they got M-A-D, MAD.  I watched angry women walk away and thought that was probably for the best.  They would have blown their tops when they checked out and had to buy their own bags.  Speaking of...

I've bought SOOOO many ALDI bags now that I think I have enough to make a couple of market bags!!!  LOOKIE...

Cut off the top and bottom of bag with rotary cutter.

Start folding like this until you get almost all the way up.  ALMOST.

See that little part at the top?  LEAVE IT THAT WAY!  :D

Remember how your mom used to cut noodles?  It kind of looked like this.  DO NOT cut that little top part we left unfolded!

Mmm....  Noodles...  This is what it'll look like when you're done cutting.


OK, open up that top seam that we didn't cut through! 

You're going to cut in this way through every 'noodle'.  This will make... super long piece of plastic bag 'yarn'! 

Roll it up!
The beginning of my new market bag made from already recycled ALDI bags!!!  It's brilliant!
Our new kitten!  Her name is Gia!

 So, as you can see, I'm making a market bag!  I think it's ridiculously awesome.  You take bags that are recycled in the first place and then MAKE something out of them to be used forever!  You can't even imagine how sturdy this crocheted plastic yarn is!  I'm just jealous that it wasn't MY idea in the first place! 

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