Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mother's Day

There really aren't enough words to say about my Mom. It doesn't seem like enough to just say she's a cool mom or that I love her. I don't think it's 'the norm' to live next door to your mom (and dad) and be completely happy with that set-up but for us, it totally works out! Today, we were leaving for Dairy Queen and Eleanor jumped off the front porch yelling, 'YEAH! Let's go to Dairy Queen! That's a great idea!!!!' I called my Mom as we were leaving and she answered the phone repeating what Eleanor had just said. It's a really great thing to have family so close. Literally... CLOSE. :D

And the older I get, the more I remind myself of my Mom. Just funny little things like the way I sound when I clear my throat or cough. What strange things, right? But there they are all the time, reminding me that she's my Mom and a part of me. I can't believe she puts up with me every single Tuesday night as we watch American Idol together. I make fun of Paula like you can't imagine and I pause the show 200 times just to point out how squished up to her nose Paula's boobies are. As if she didn't notice!

I think Mother's Day generally goes un-celebrated in our family. Maybe it's because we don't feel guilty that we've been horrible to our mother the rest of the year? Maybe it's because there's never really a concern that she might not know that we love her? Anyway, my Mom is the most amazing woman I know. There's no one else that even compares! Oprah, you're nothing compared to my Mommy! Not that Oprah's a mom but everyone seems to think she's the best at this 'human' thing. Well, she's not. My Mom holds that title, THANKyouverymuch!


Jenn said...

LOL! I feel the same about my Mom! I find myself clearing my throat before I answer the phone. Every.Single.Time.

Happy Mother's Day Mandy! Dairy Queen sounds divine right about now!

Erin said...

Great post, hope that your mom gets to read it :)

Happy Mother's Day to you both!!

storybeader said...

And that's great for your kids, to know their grandmother so intimately. Wow!

SpottedCow said...

So I have been told, some of the comments and facial expressions I make are just like my mother. And my kids tell me that I laugh "just like Grandma".