Thursday, May 22, 2008

I can't decide!!!

It's 12:30 in the morning and since I'm not crafting anything at the moment, and I'm just sitting around waiting for The Hubs to get home, I'm stuck deciding what to do. Listen to music or read a book or watch a movie! I've discovered this guy's music that I adore but I also have a really good book going! Dag! ('Dag' is not a word, kids.)

I'm in the mood where I just want to turn up my Ipod, get the ear buds as close to my ear drums as possible and LIVE the music, ya know? I'm one of 'those' people who get creepishly close to their music and I want to eat it and make it a part of myself. Man, I'm weird but it's true. Ever since I can remember, I would find the headphones and deafen myself for hours at a time, sitting behind the recliner in the living room just experiencing my music. Too bad it wasn't very good music, but I've learned since then.

Of course I have the unexplained, lame-crap that I'll listen to that's mainly just fluff and nonsense that I couldn't care less about. When I met my husband, he was playing in this band that was nothing but angry-sounding (our oldest daughter's words) music and I think everyone figured this was one of those music picks of mine that was unexplainable but for some reason, the music did that thing where it carries you away from reality for a while. I couldn't understand the words and when they put their album out and I read the lyrics, I was like, 'Um... Sense? Where is it cause this is crap,' but the MUSIC was what did it for me. I loved it even before I met The Hubs.

One day, I want to get someone to watch my kids so I can just listen to music for a whole day like that again. I always have to keep an ear open for the kids because they're not the best sleepers sometimes and our youngest is ALWAYS getting too hot at night (thanks, Nana! HAHA) and gets upset. Anyway... What? Oh yeah, I'm typing here... To the public...

Onnnnnnnnnnnn the other hand... I have a book to read. I did read 'The Other Boleyn Girl' and it was fab, BUT I'm also starting to read more realistic accounts of Anne Boleyn and King Henry and all the horrific and tragic mess that surrounded them. This is what happens to your senses when you marry a history buff. I would never, in a zillion years, have found this junk to be interesting and yet, here I am...

I've decided against the TV. I have 2 perfectly wonderful options in front of me that I could choose from and neither of them involve letting my brain turn to dookie.

Ok, see? I have a child on Benadryl for allergies and she has bad dreams on it and now she's up. Grrrrrreat!

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Harmony said...

Sounds like it was good to at least dream for a few minutes what you'd do with time to yourself ;)